I’m Guilty

I’m Guilty

© 2010 Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


Oh, I see him…there he goes;
Aha, he’s landing on the stove.
Where’d that ol’ swatter go?
Was right here a minute ago.

Yep, I knew it, off he flew
Darn near dove into the stew.
What that fella sure can do.
Sorta cute in his own way, too.

Look, he’s on the window sill
Tip toeing up and down at will.
Eating so daintily…what a pill!
Such a little tummy to fill.

Ooh, looks like he’s going to nap
Poor lil’ fella done got tapped
Sssh, he’s snuggling on my lap,
Wouldn’t want to wake the poor lil’ chap.


(written in defense of the death of a fly!)