Womb Talk

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Womb Talk

© 2010 Jeanne E. Webster

1 day:

22 days:
Thub dub…thub dub…thub dub…thub dub…

“Gee, Papa! You were right…this is fun! It’s goin’ thumpidy thump. I feel alive!”

28 days:
“Wow! My back is gettin’ stronger, and my liver, kidneys and ‘testines are growin’ too.”

“How much longer will it be, Papa?”

35 days:
“Papa, you’re so creative. Look at my eyes, legs, and hands! They’re almost shaped. Whoopee! I’ll be playin’ in no time!”

42 days:
“Hmmm…Papa, I think I can think now, and my mowf and lips are right here! See? I’m even gettin’ fingertails!”

49 days:
“Oh, look at me twitch my nose and toes! I’ve even got eyelids now. Watch me kick and swim in this watery pouch!”

56 days:
“Papa, thank you for all these things called organs! And, gee, my bones are turnin’ from that cart’lage stuff into harder stuff!”

“Wow! I just got fingerprinted!”

“Sssh…I think I hear people talkin’. They won’t hurt me, will they? Is it dangerous out there?”

63 days:
“Oh Papa, my toofers are coming in, and these fingertails will come in handy for scritchin’ the itchies.”

“Lookee…my head goes this way and that way. Am I cool or what?!”

“Oops…hiccup…hiccup…yep, I can do that now too!”

77 days:
“I can breeve a little too, Papa.”

“Oops, watch out…I went potty!”

84 days:
“I’m hangin’ on by my thummies! Whee! All systems are go! Am I ready yet, Papa? Is everyting ok?”

(first trimester is abortion’s prime-time)

91 days:
“Blahhhhh! Did you hear that noise I made? Ha Ha!”

“I’m learning to use my lungs by breevin’ fluid.”

“This thummie comes in handy. It kind of ends up in my mowf lots of times.”

“Was that a ‘No,’ Papa?”

98 days:
“I’m feelin’ stronger, Papa. Is my heart really pumpin’ quarts and quarts of sacred fluid ev’ryday?”

105 days:
“Papa, I can taste now too. I can’t wait to eat that peanut butter sanwinch you said us kids would like!”

4th month:
“My bones are growin’ fast and fillin’ up with that marrow stuff. And look…I’m almost 8 inches long!”

17 weeks:
“Wow, I’m dweamin’! All right! This IS fun!”

21-22 weeks:
“What did you say, Papa? If there’s trouble, I’m developed enough now to be saved? Saved from what? Are there bad things out there, Papa?”

20th week:
“I hear my mommie, Papa!”

(earliest stage that partial birth abortions are performed)


“She can’t hear me yet. I’m not afraid now, Papa. Mommie won’t let anyfing bad happen to me. It’s safe here, nice and warm and comfy.”

5-6 months:
“I’ll be needin’ some air to breeve pretty soon. This fluid is yucky!”

“Watch me grab that umbilical cord and spin around. Whee!”

“I’d better rest up; I worked up a sweat.”

“I’m really growin’! I’m almost a foot long and weigh over a pound.”

7-9 months:
“My eyetoofers are cuttin’ through already.”

“Watch these peepers work! I‘m almost all grow’d up. I can sense that Mommie is getting’ grumbly.”




“I’ve dropped down into a slide. This is scary! Papa, where are you?”


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    • I’m pleased you enjoyed the conversation. It is a horrific fact that over 45 million of these silent voices have been brutally snuffed out. 😦
      Shalom, my friend.

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