Bring on the Dirt

Snow pea on plant.

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I woke up this morning and looked outside and it was still winter. Bah, Humbug! I am ready for spring. The seed catalogs have been arriving in the mailbox and I’m busy drooling over the garden choices. I make a list of all the “gotta haves” and share them with my husband. We decide what we want and then have to go to step two: how much room do we have in the garden?

Ah ah, ok…which leads to a fine-tuning job and the joy of gardening has lost some of its pizzazz. We have no room for all those beautiful squash, the unusual brag-about beans, the tender varieties of tomatoes, or the four different types of tall lanky corn. Now I anguish over garden space management.

Let’s see… tomatoes for sure, corn, broccoli, snow peas, and maybe eggplant. That’s it. Aah! Charting it all on paper helps me to appreciate the plant’s needs as I accustom myself to coming down out of the clouds and being realistic about our gardening opportunities. Right off the bat, we have almost half the garden full of strawberry plants. Last year they were heavy producers, so we’ll see how ambitious they are this year. If not up to our expectations, we’ll remove them to open up space for more vegetables.

My husband tills the soil, works in the fertilizer, pounds in the posts, and helps me weed. Gardening is a lot of work but well worth the ordeal. It is good exercise and therapeutic for the body and soul. The fresh air awaits and the growing experience gives one a feeling of accomplishment. Compare your homegrown vegetables to store-bought ones, and you’ll see quite a difference. In addition, it will further nurture that green thumb instinct. Try it…you’ll like it!