Cockatiel Arrival

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Hello everyone!  Thanks for returning to the Women’s Window!  What a lovely late winter day! The sun is out, temperatures in the 40’s, and a slight breeze to dry up the fields. Can’t ask for better than that.

We have a special event going on here at my house. My yellow cockatiel, Jake, was getting bored so I bought him a girlfriend. Molly is yellow too and so pretty. Jake was really irate that I dared put another bird in his cage at first, but soon got used to her and they get along just fine now.   I put an empty fudgicle bar box into the cage to give them something to play with and lo and behold, they started nesting!

Molly has laid four eggs and it’s been over two weeks that they’ve gone back and forth in the box taking care of the eggs. Well, we got up yesterday and heard peeping! They have a precious tiny yellow fur ball in the box! I cleaned out the box and my husband held the baby while I cleaned the rest of the cage.

The baby is so tiny and cute…about the size of a cotton ball. We don’t know if all the eggs will hatch or not. Will wait and see.

Two days later…cheeping coming from the remaining eggs! Jake and Molly are such good parents, so far. We’ll see when it comes time to feed them, which will be soon.

This is all new to me, so we’re all learning. We definitely are not going into the bird breeding business! This whole event was quite unexpected and we’re going with the flow for this time. I guess the empty box in the cage brought on the nesting urge, so we won’t do that again. If the babies make it, we’ll sell them to the pet shop. I won’t try to hand feed them, but will make sure the parents are well fed. They should regurgitate their food and feed these little guys.

If anyone has any advice for me, I’d sure be interested. It is a fun adventure thus far.  Join us in our journey to the nest and beyond!

2 comments on “Cockatiel Arrival

  1. Hello Dicky,

    What a nice surprise to read your comment! You have lightened up this cloudy day.

    This is our first attempt at raising birds. It has been fun and inspiring. Makes you wonder how great God’s creation really is. Amazing!

    Blessings and come back again. ~shalom

  2. Dicky says:

    Dear Jeanne,

    I don’t know much about birds although we had finches before. Your message is interesting to read, and makes me relax.


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