Dog Flu–Baby Birds–And Such

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We are having a teaser day, where the middle of February psyches the body into thinking it is spring already. It’s 70°, the sun is shining and the wind is blowing moderately. We’ve swept the bird seed leavings off the patio from the winter feeders dropouts, picked up the neighbor’s paper products that have flown so willingly into our back yard and nested in each crevice available, disposed of the four-month long dumping of recycled dog food, finally put the Halloween scarecrow back up in the barn loft and are making our list and checking it twice from the seed catalogs. A day like this is hard to part with, and I’m sure that we will have to do in another day or two. Rain is on the way also which will dampen the fields and ease up the “no burn” orders emanating from the city offices. This winter has been very kind, gifting us with enough snow to pamper us into humming “I’ll be home for Christmas.” Santa was able to make it down most chimneys and not too many houses burned down due to dried out trees.

The flu season has arrived and downed me with a moderate dose of its infectious dribbling, coughing and sneezing. I do not receive flu shots anymore due to an allergic reaction a few years ago so I wait it out and make sure my husband gets his shot. The vaccines developed these days are supposed to do the trick, whatever the trick is. Some folks still end up getting a flu of some kind, due to the fact there are hundreds of viruses out there and only a few vaccines to prevent some of them from harming us.

Any dog owners out there? I hope your veterinarian has informed you that there is a dog flu out there waiting to pounce on your dog. If you’ve heard that then you were probably advised to get your pooch a flu shot. My first reaction to the advice was that it was a scam to boost up the tab. No! It’s the real thing and is spreading to most of the lower 48 States. This dog flu is rather nasty and can severely harm or kill older dogs and puppies. My two girls got their shots and will do so every winter, as they have heart conditions and getting older. So far the cats get off scot-free. I think. Since I’m a dog lover, I think that’s profiling. But then again, who asked me?!

An update on our baby cockatiels: we’re up to two hatched babies. Jake and Molly are feeding them and have turned out to be quite proficient parents. There is one more egg to hatch, which should be tomorrow. I think I hear cheeping inside, so I’ll say there will be another egg hatching tomorrow. The first one hatched Saturday and is much bigger than the #2 baby. He or she is huge! Remember that little cotton ball image I mentioned? It is up to a golf ball size! Number 2 is in the cotton ball stage. I hope the latter guys can catch up with the monster. He has a big head start. More news as it comes.

I’m planning on shrimp for supper so had better go get it readied. A nice tossed salad with it and some spicy rice will top it off nicely. A good evening to you and we’ll see you tomorrow. ~shalom

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