Sweets for the Sweet!

A chick Cockatiel.

Is he sweet, or what?!

Wed., Mar. 2nd

What a disaster!  TAX DAY!  That dreaded day arrived at our house today, started the day with the “yucks.”  Yep, time to get out every receipt we received throughout the year, every pay stub, every dividend and interest garnered, paperwork…paperwork. I hate it!  I think I’d rather go to the dentist! 

Well, we began our diligent endeavor after breakfast, got into a few snags early on, then coasted to a slow roll around noon, hit the rollercoaster ride and argued a bit, then leveled off and quit the job before we drew blood.  All is well and we’ll let the papers dry out for a few days, then we’ll get back to the finale.  The hard work is over, and the end is in sight.  Whew!

Our baby cockatiels are growing at an astounding rate, getting more colors all the time, eating the parents out of house and home, and guess what?  The nesting box I ordered for them way back when and was told it was on back order, it arrived today.  About 2 weeks too late.  They are too far along to need a nesting box.  So we’ll park it for perhaps another adventure of the cockatiels. 

Had a wonderful surprise from a client who I proofread for…they are going overseas and have promised me sweet treats when they return.  How about that!  I’m waiting!  Me and sweets go together like…me and sweets.

Have a restful night and awake with joy in your heart and peace in your soul.  And lots of love for all God’s creation.