Happy Birthday to Me!

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 Tomorrow will be my birthday, my 60+ birthday, getting pretty close to the big 70!  Who would have thought?  I thank God for all these special days down here; they have gone by so fast.  The more special days I have, the quicker they come and go.  Why are they in such a hurry now?  Why didn’t they rush by when I needed them, like when I was almost sixteen, or almost twenty-one?  Much younger, I always thought Christmas was a once in a lifetime event…almost.  They were so far apart.  I laid it onto Santa being overweight and slow.  Ha ha!  Now who’s overweight and slow…?  Not telling!

My husband got me a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers.  Oh my, are they pretty!  Pink, reds, yellows, purples…looks so spring-like.  Have had a busy day.  Taxes are finally done; what a mess that always is.  Why can’t they come up with a standard form for everyone to use, sit down and fill it out in an hour, and e-file it or send it out?  No…the IRS wouldn’t have any fun doing that.  Grrrr!

Our baby cockatiels are growing and growing.  The bigger baby, we call him Jake Jr., flies already, eats some seed, climbs all over the cage after his moma, Molly.  The smaller one, Lumpy, is a grey-yellow lump!  That’s how I came to name it Lumpy.  It sits there in the corner like a lump.  It’ll venture out once in a while, if it sees you coming it will run backwards to its little corner.  Maybe it was put together backwards?  Is the off-on button set wrong?  Gee!  They are cute though and I read that they take about 3-4 months to wean.  Whew!  Sorry, Molly.  I had to put Jake in another cage, as he began to get too rough with his feeding the babies.  He began to pull out feathers and didn’t like Lumpy sitting around all day.  So I moved him and he is quite beside himself.  He’ll survive. 

The good state of Illinois has blessed us with more rain!  Now we truly do live in a swamp!  The girls, our cavalier King Charles spaniels, DO NOT like to get their feet wet when we go outside to potty.  So this is a trying time for us all.  I have needed much patience, which normally comes hard for me.  I guess I need to practice it more, huh?  Yep.  This weather has not helped the arthritis or dizziness.  Not good.

Gotta go and get supper going.   A grey day all around and we are on daylight savings time.  Whoopie!


PS:  Please continue to pray for Japan and her people.  Everyone involved over there.  Oh, God, please help them!