The Day After…

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The birthday is over; I’m old now.  My twin sister and my older brother visited us and shared in the celebration.  You know, all these years it’s been nice having a twin sister to share birthdays.  Also you can look at each other and compare yourself to see if you’re holding up the family tradition.  This year was the big 69…and I must say…WE STILL LOOK GOOD!  So there, who’s afraid of the big seven O? 

Our cockatiels continue to amaze us.  Jake is back in the fold again, promising to behave himself and Lumpy is no longer keeping the corners warm.  Jake Junior and Molly have done well.  The kids are almost grown, weaning away before our very eyes, and things are beginning to look normal again, or close to it.  A few weeks we’ll be advertising in the paper that we have two of the nicest prettiest cockatiels in this side of the Mississippi. 

Friday has arrived already and I don’t know if I’m quite ready for a weekend or not.  Somehow I feel like I’ve already done that.  Anyway, we’ll endure and look forward to another fine week of curiosity, pondering, and such.  Have a nice 48 hours and stay safe and sound.