Heart Health



Heart Health

Due to a balance problem, I was obliged to participate in a treadmill exercise at a local hospital. Prep instructions stated that I could not take my blood pressure medicine 48 hours before the test and should not eat or drink anything 4-5 hours prior also. I should wear comfortable clothing and shoes. This particular day I was experiencing a pounding pulse rate for some odd reason, which was extremely frustrating, as it was 123.

I arrived at the hospital admitting office 15 minutes early and was signed in and registered, even got a wristband to wear. I was told to report to the nuclear medicine department down the hallway. The technician there inserted a shunt into my arm vein and proceeded to inject an isotope, which would circulate through my bloodstream and locate on areas of my heart’s electrical system. Its function was to show up any faulty connections and/or abnormalities on ultrasound photos.

I lay on the table as the machine crept very slowly across my chest area from the right to the left, about 3 inches from my nose. I watched it move a couple of times but got dizzy, so I learned to keep my eyes closed. The entire sweep took about 15 minutes.

The technician helped me stand and directed me to the room across the hallway, which was where the treadmill was located. A nurse and her assistant directed me lay down on the cot, and the first procedure was to attach the cardio leads to my chest area then they obtained my blood pressure. The nurse took the pressure again while I was standing and breathing hard. I next got on the treadmill and walked until my heart rate reached a target area for my age, which didn’t take long as my pulse rate was still racing from either nerves or something. Next, I was asked to sit in a chair until my heart rate slowed down to a normal resting rate.

Then off I went with the nurse to grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria. The meal would enable the isotope to reach my liver and be excreted from my heart area and body. Lastly came the final picture-taking, this time with no isotope and the heart at a good resting rate.

In three hours, I was on my way home again. After taking my blood pressure medicine, my pulse rate went back to normal, and I will hear from the cardiologist soon if there is a problem. If nothing serious, I will see the specialist the middle of the month. It’s been a good experience and shows what new machines there are out there to assist the doctors in healing our bodies. Thank you, Lord, for your answered prayers and comfort. I was very encouraged by the prayers from so many friends and family.