Sweet Life


©2010 Jeanne E. Webster


I cried to you last night, Lord,

When I awoke with a fright

You sang to me a dulcet chord

And my fears anon took flight.


My spirit aroused with adoration

Your greatness sustains me, Lord

To fight battles of every occasion

Your might’s my spirit’s sword.


You’re the joy of lithesome birds

Playfully pecking at bugs and seed

Gracefully into the air they herd

Oh, to follow them in secrecy!


The field is rife with weeds and clover

Plump honeybees fill their pockets

Sprinkling golden succor all over,

Showing off their shiny lockets.


Storms overnight ravaged the view:

Marinated soil flaunts bubbly pools

Broken tree limbs, bird’s nests askew

Aborted life slumped like gouls.


Tall corn spikes, tomatoes green lumps

Bashful strawberries hid from me

Brussel sprouts showing nary a bump

Fans of elephant-eared broccoli.


Morning glory vines garnished with hearts

Stretched their ropes into the skies

Clinging, twisting in fits and starts

Formed a glorious, colored sunrise.


Orange daylilies stretch out like fingers

The hibiscus displays her dinner plate

Hummingbirds dine well as they linger

Bleeding hearts thrust tiny-orbed bait.


Rabbits have produced such a nice crop

Tiny fur balls hopping here and there

Moles and voles dine heartily; please stop!

My lovely green lawn is suddenly bare.


The arborvitae finally gave up the ghost

Dried up, painting a brown frown

The black pines appear as if in a roast

Beetle parasite time brought them down.


 Homemade suet I hung on the pine tree

“Mrrupp,” says the red-bellied woodpecker,

Gorging on peanuts, he’s a real cutie

Also the hairy and downy woodpeckers.


 Yellow finches sporting vivid coats

Feasting on thistle seed in the feeder

Those darn blackbirds are hoggish blokes

I’ll send them off with my old repeater.


My two spaniels and I walk and admire

So many sights to explore around here

Crayfish chimneys dot the ditches of mire

What do they live on deep down in there?


Thank you for your provisions, Lord,

The natural ambiance offers such beauty

My rake and hoe await time to afford

I love the fruit of my labors and duty.


Dear One, You’ve truly blessed my path,

With one very pleasant enchanted day

Top of the morning to you and your staff

Help me comfort others that come my way.