Heart Catheter


         I left home at 6:30 a.m., and arrived at the heart clinic at 7:30.  After signing lots of paperwork, I was taken to the cath room where I was gowned, assigned a gurney to lie upon, an I.V. was started in my left hand, and I waited for my alloted procedure.  At last about 10:30, I was taken to the room where the cath would be performed.  Immediately I was introduced to my nurse and the tech people who soon began the process.  The tech stretched out my right arm and taped my right hand to a board of some kind.  After much small talk I gradually got sleepy, and the last thing I noted was a welcome “hello” from my cardiologist.  She inserted the catheter into my right wrist artery and began to explore my cardiac arteries.

Later I awoke back in the cath room where a light meal was  waiting for me.  For some strange reason I was starved and ate everything on the tray.  I was briefed by the cardiologist that the cath test showed no blockages or problems.  Praise the Lord!  I waited the determined time, which amounted to about 3 hours, got dressed and went home.  The site where the catheter was inserted was bandaged and would be kept that way for three days.

The test was much less stressful than I ever imagined.  If you ever need to have a heart cath, by all means get it done.  It is painless, quick, and gives you much peace of mind.



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  1. Dicky says:

    Dear Jeanne, praise the Lord that it all went well and better than you thought. It is a wonderful testimony.

  2. So thankful that all went so well!

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