Handkerchief Doll


Have you ever made your very own doll? 

I did recently and it is the cutest little doll.  My daughter made a doll for my birthday present, and it is such a delightful doll.  She’s all blinged up with golden hair, an angel’s wings(yes, she is my prayer doll) golden bows and trim around her bust and waist.   My daughter went to great pains to get her made in time for my heart cath test.  She wanted the doll to accompany me and that she did!  She also has a pretty face, much similar to my daughter’s.  So having the doll with me was like my daughter being there also.  How thoughtful!

Anyway, I decided to make a doll to give to my daughter for her birthday.  This is a true prayer doll, or handkerchief doll.  It is made of a man’s handkerchief, a bit of fluff, a 6″ x 6″ piece of scrap material, and 2-3 yards of lace.  One needs to have the knack to put it together correctly, and in a short time, you have a precious doll to pass on to someone special. 

I won’t give the directions to make this doll, as it is copyrighted.  However, I will leave a link for you to go there and copy the directions.  It is:  http://www.hcsv.org/education/crafts/make-a-handkerchief-doll/.

Have a safe day today and make someone happy and make a prayer doll!


2 comments on “Handkerchief Doll

  1. Dicky says:

    Dear Jeanne,

    I don’t know how to make doll, but your article reminds me that I bought a doll for Ruby long time ago.

    I can see that your gift for your daughter is very precious. I can also see the loving bond between the two of you.

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