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What in the world is that?  Hmmm, let me think…

Oh, it’s all coming back now.  That’s my password for a new membership account!  (Not really!)

Years ago when I was a newbie on the World Wide Web, passwords were simple combinations to use for site memberships.  I think I started out with “my name + a number” for a password.  Then I advanced up to two numbers plus my last name plus a symbol.  Looking back, I realize these were as simple as “open my account please.”  Technology has far surpassed my mind’s logical powers. 

Nowadays, we are warned to use lots more names and numbers and symbols in our web locked doors.  Not only that, we are admonished to avoid using personal hints for shields.   The old question key to get you in the door no longer should be your mother’s maiden name or your last husband’s cockerpoo’s name.  Make it difficult, the administrators holler. 

I must make it clear that I am not an administrator, nor am I fit for one.   I have advanced to the senior level, age wise, and my main goal online is to make it simple as simple can be.  Why couldn’t the computer have come out 40 years earlier when I had the mental capacity to invent and retain mega doses of I.D.s?  Rattling around in the recesses of my rapidly depleting brain are just enough bites to function on a daily basis.  Make it difficult?  Been there and done that.  Now I am lost! 

There is software on the Web that will store your data for you and bring it forth upon demand, for a price.  That sounds great at first, but what if you can’t remember the website?  Sometimes I remember where I need to go but have lost my “key”; other times I remember the “key” but don’t have a clue as to what “door” it fits. 

Once you have gotten to the URL (location on the web) there is that ever-present box demanding your name and password.  Well, I know my name, or the name I was born with.  Password…what did I type in here?  I’m hoping they invent a software program soon that has senior skills built into it.   They could call it, “MS-Soft on Seniors.”   

Now, where was I…?

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  1. Pam Ford Davis says:

    Very creative; I can relate!

  2. Dicky says:

    Dear Jeanne,

    You are already very good at Internet stuff. Remember I did ask you how to set up my blog page? You helped me, right? I am very proud of your eagerness to learn the computers and Internet. No, I don’t see ‘Senior’ in you. Instead I see ‘Youth’ and “Enthusiasm’ in you. You have been of a great encouragement to me and to my writings.


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