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  copyright  Jeanne E. Webster


“If ever” we often say

Say “If ever we could go back”

Back to when we first strayed

Strayed down the wrong path

Path of thorns and wrongs

Wrongs we want to make right

Right now is the moment

Moment to confess and forgive

Forgive as does our Lord

Lord Jesus is the way

Way to heaven above

Above is our eternal home

Home and loved ones await us there

There is joy, peace and love

Love from Christ our Lord.


~Shalom (A “concatenation” verse)

2 comments on “Peace

  1. Dicky says:

    Dear Jeanne,

    Wow! What a nice poem! I am impressed!

    • Thank you. It was my first “concatenation” poem, where every line begins with the last word of the previous line. Try it sometime; it is a fun exercise.

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