Ghostly Puffs




© Jeanne E. Webster


They pounded through my mind

Like lightning bolts and booms;

They struck ever so deeply,

Planting their seeds of doom.


Never again….


I rest now in tranquility,

The evil seeds are rooted out;

The blitzes fade away, away,

Those ghostly puffs of doubt.


Never again…


My Redeemer now lives

Within my heart today;

He’s my one sure defense

The doubts He chased away.



In joyful flights of glee

My spirit flies so high,

Flitting up and away

Like a dainty butterfly.






4 comments on “Ghostly Puffs

  1. Dicky says:

    I like Pam’s comment.

  2. I can almost see you running through a meadow with gentle breezes blowing your hair and butterflies flying about!


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