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Have you noticed that our English language is changing? We’ve come a long way since “Roger and Out” and “Pig Latin.” The written word is becoming so dumbed down I fear we’ll soon revert to the grunting stage. An extreme overuse of acronyms blended with the fast paced Internet lingo makes for “language chop-suey.”

Here’s an illustration of this theory. Two people connecting over a chat site:


Chatter #1: “HF” (Hello friend.)

Chatter #2: “HAWTLW.” (Hello and welcome to last week.)


Chatter #1: “HIG?” (How’s it going?)

Chatter #2: “K. U?” (Ok; You?)


Chatter #1: “NM” (Never mind.)

Chatter #2: “J/C” (Just checking.)


Chatter #1: “GAS?” (Got a second?)

Chatter #2: “EM?” (Excuse me?)


Chatter #1: “CICYHW?” (Can I copy your homework?)

Chatter #2: “WIIFM?” (What’s in it for me?)


Chatter #1: “DQYDJ.” (Don’t quit your day job.)

Chatter #2: “LOL!” (Laughing out loud!)


 Chatter #1: “NM!” (Never mind!”

Chatter #2: “HINMP.” (Hey, it’s not my problem.)


Chatter #1: “TAL.” (Thanks a lot.)

Chatter #2: “RWSF?” (Are we still friends?)


Chatter #1: “IDTS.” (I don’t think so!)

Chatter #2: “IDGI.” (I don’t get it!)


Chatter #1: “HTRJ!” (Hit the road jack!)

Chatter #2: “OW!” (Oh well!)


Author: “GRRR!”

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  1. Dicky says:

    It was one of the topics that my family was talking about a few days ago. : )

  2. As Tony the Tiger said, Grreat!


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