©Jeanne E. Webster


Lefty Lump met a man

His name was Felty Plum;

One day they agreed upon a plan

And became very good chums.


Felty Plum was smart and cool

And read a lot of books;

Lefty Lump was quite a jewel

And had really good looks.

Lefty Lump thought up a plot

To fool the many masses;

And Felty Plum cast his lot

To trick the guys and lasses.

Felty Plum arose and thought

And out came a scheme;

Lefty Lump said, “This is hot!”

And smiled a wicked gleam.


Lefty Lump began to read

A book on writing styles;

Felty Plum used his head

And checked his written files.


Felty Plum got out his pen

And wrote some silly rhymes;

Lefty Lump sat in the den

And doodled several times.

Lefty Lump began to write

And saw that it was fun;

Felty Plum was none too bright

But liked what he had done.


Lefty and Felty signed their names

On their short little bit;

“Wow!” they said.  “What a game!

This will give them fits!”


To play this game you have to guess

What really was written here;

It isn’t hard, I must confess,

It’s an anagram, my dear!