Sweet Songs


Psalm 32

© Jeanne E. Webster


Forgiveness for our sins brings exuberant joy and overwhelming peace,

For God knows the heart of an honest person and buries their sins forever.

If we keep sins hidden within us, we will be troubled all day long,  

for God will condemn us day and night, and our spirits will wither.

Our confessions of hidden sins bring about his forgiveness.

Ask for mercy as quickly as possible, as sin becomes harder and more heinous with each passing day.

You are our shelter and preservation from trouble, Lord.  We hear your songs of sweet deliverance.

You teach us how to live, and then guide us along the way.

Do not be dumb as the horse and mule.  They need to be led by bridle and bit to keep from stepping on you.

The wicked will reap sorrows but those who trust in the Lord are wrapped in His blanket of mercy.

Rejoice and be happy, lovers of God.  Shout for joy all who have an honorable heart.


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