Once Upon a Story


© Jeanne E. Webster

Ask writers to comment on the challenges of their craft, and, depending on experience, education, and events in their lives, I’m certain you will receive mixed reviews.  Motivation, creativity, mastering the basic writing tools, smooth compilation of the piece and patience are the main challenges.  Motivation is a huge challenge, as it’s the igniter that fires up the thought process. Transforming thoughts into written words and formatting them into readable, interesting material is the art of writing. 

The following paragraph is an example of the challenging mishmash facing a writer prior to creating an article:  “think up a gud topic to writ abot. An Praktise Gud Grammer. Chek Yur speling,bone up on proper punkuation,recersh yer topik wit the writing aside a few days than return an pruf read agin . Ef yer article luks gud submitt it to a publicker,than cross yer findgers an hope fer the best.’

Challenge met:

“Research your topic, use good grammar, check your spelling, bone up on proper punctuation, proofread, set the writing aside a few days, then proofread again.  If your article looks good, submit it to a publisher and hope for the best.”

 In other words, offer your submission in an eye-catching package wrapped up in shiny paper with a huge red bow as the topper.  And smile!