©Jeanne E. Webster

The eyes have it–cataracts, that is. Our vision darkens as we advance in age, causing objects to appear fuzzy and distorted. There is a fix for this: surgical removal of the lens followed by a plastic artificial lens implant.

Another age-related condition can subtly affect us: spiritual cataracts. As Christians, we may become complacent about our walk with Christ. Hedge a little here, fudge a tad there, and over the years cataracts develop that can distort our spiritual vision. They give us no signs of their presence until they have become solidly entrenched in our life styles.


1. Are possessions our ideals, instead of God? Are we obsessed with money or our talents, our health, other people?

2. Do we worship manmade images? Do we give them “life” by allowing them to influence our lives?

3. Do we cuss, swear or use God’s name casually, without reverence?

4. Do we keep the Sabbath for a day of reverence?

5. Do we really respect Mom and Dad, despite their miserable failings?

6. Have we killed anyone?! Nah. Does that include abortions? Yep.

7. Are we involved in adulterous relationships, forsaking our sacred honor?

8. Are we sticky-fingered about the possessions of others?

9. Are we the local gadflies, flitting here and there with tasty tidbits of untruths?

10. Are we exceedingly desirous of someone else’s possessions?

[Exodus 20:17 KJV]


The above are all signs of spiritual cataracts. What’s the remedy? A daily study of Scripture wrapped with fervent prayer will enable us to see more clearly the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ.