Hey, You No da Lawd?

©  Jeanne E. Webster

“Hey, you no da lawd?”


“Da Lawd, you no him?”

“Who is he?”

“He’s my bes’ frend, dats who.”


“My bes’ frend!”

“I don’t get it.”

“Ah met him when ah was los’.”

“Lost? When did you get lost?”

“Many a yeer ago, it was.”


“Ah was a sinner, da worst you ever seed.”

“A sinner? What do you mean?”

“Ah was goin’ to hell fer sure! Ah was bad.”

“No. What do you mean bad?”

“Ah lied, ah stoled, ah hurt peoples.”

“You did?”

“Yep ah did! Ah tole you ah was bad.”

“You aren’t bad anymore. What happened?”

“Ah got real lonesome once and feelin’ bad, an’ ah was walkin’ down da street an’ pass dis church an’ hears dis voice callin’ me. He sez, ‘Come home, come home. Jesus is callin’ you home.’

“So ah walks up da steps an’ rite thru da door…and dere he was! He was standin’ dere wid his arms wide open. Ah takes a sit and listens real quiet like. Ah heard about dis Jesus.

“He loves even lil’ chil’ren. He loves everyone, even me. Even tho’ ah been bad…even tho’ ah hurt folks an’ lie an’ steal. He forgives all da bad stuff and makes me feel clean. Ah don’t ‘member feelin’ so clean, ever. Ah always feel so dirty. But ah heard ‘bout dis Jesus man and he was makin’ me feel good, like ah was somebody.

“He cared ‘bout me and loves me so much. He is God’s son and come here long ago. He let da bad people beat on him real bad. He was bleedin’ so an’ dey drag him thru da street and make him tote dis big wood cross. Den dey stuck him wid dese real big nails an’ stuck him to dat cross til he went and died. Dey put him in a cave an’ shut it up wid a big rock. All his frends was sad an’ afraid an’ dey run off an’ hid out.

“But three days later he come back to life! He done climbed out of hell! He was all better. He wasn’t bleeding anymore. He promised to go back to heaven an’ make houses for everybody who loves him, so dey can live in heaven wid him someday. He promised to come back again too. An’ he will take us home to live wid him an’ God.

“He sed he was God’s only son an’ dat he will forgive all our sins if we let him love us an’ take out da bad stuff.

“Ah want him to take da bad stuff out so ah bowed my hed an’ asked him to take it out. An’ he did! Ah knows he loves me an’ ah loves him too.

“So…do you no’s da lawd? He died fer you an’ he loves you.”

“Ah, er, no, ok…tell me more. Tell me more.”

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  1. Irene Cortez says:

    Hi Shalom! What a funny and really inspiring post you’ve got here! I’m glad you decided to put up a site called Women’s Window. This site would touch the hearts of a lot of women, including myself.

    I am adding you to my blogroll as I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

    God bless! 🙂

    • Shalom!(peace) 🙂 So nice you stopped by, Irene. Blessings on your blogging endeavor also. I shall be visiting your site and getting to know a new friend!

      God’s best,

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