Enough Already!






Regarding the article by Brenda Brissette-Mata, “Strangers gather yet again to mourn a newborn lost to a desperate act”:


(This event occurred in 1993, a desperate act by a despondent mother-to-be.  She gave birth to a baby boy then immediately pitched him into a river where he soon drowned.  This letter-to-the-editor poured from my heart in response to reading of a woman’s frantic act ending with the appalling murder of her baby.)


I highly commend those 50 strangers who publicly demonstrated their compassion for a little “one” who died due to an act of someone’s desperation.  Their public act of caring [by attending the funeral] is a sweet aroma of optimism for our society as a whole.  Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel for our country’s dilemma, and their witness to this light should be a beacon of encouragement for us all.


Amid the dark gloom of depravity that has enveloped our culture, one can still find the glowing embers of the “coals” our forefathers left to us–standards on which this country was founded, bottle-fed, nurtured and directed, until it grew to become a great and mighty land blessed by Almighty God.  People knew innately what was expected of them and held to the tenet of right-and-wrong.   Compassion, the quality of life, and the right to life were once held as sacred principles.


But not anymore.  This standard is “drowning in the river,” because, like this little baby, we no longer want it, love it, or need it.  No wonder confusion abounds!  No wonder desperation is so evident in the lives of so many people!  The old adage that a man all wrapped up in himself makes for one pretty small package is so true of our society today.


The mother and all those involved with the death of the little baby found in the river deserve our compassion, love, and understanding.  Yet we must seek wisdom too and try to discover where and why our culture is missing the higher calling of our nation’s founders.


Is not life itself precious and dear to the hearts of us all?  The opposite of life is death; there is no alternative, no mister-in-between.  You choose life or you choose death.


It is so heartening to read about 50 people saying “Yes!” to that inner voice that called their hearts and minds to compassion, caring and loving.  They have shown us a heavenly glimpse of love in action. 


Do we as a nation love, honor, and cherish life?  Do we really give a hoot for our neighbors, other family members, the helpless, the homeless, the young, the disabled, the dying, the aged, the unborn?  Do we really care?  Enough?!


~May we all find “shalom.”