Matt.6:14“For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”


© 2010 Jeanne E. Webster


I am a sinner, Lord. Every day I begin with best intentions, but somehow they go astray.  This morning I woke asking you to guide me through the day, keep me from making mistakes repeatedly, and provide the needs of my family and friends. Thank you for all my yesterdays and the tons of blessings you have so graciously given me.  You are such a gentle Savior, Jesus.  I would love to look upon your face and into your eyes, as I know that that alone would revive this tired body and sagging spirit.  Yes, I know…in good time!


In the stillness of the day, I hear your voice, Lord, whispering words of wonderful peace and joy.  Sensing your presence, I draw closer to you.  Your peace and calm trickles over this spirit like a melting honeycomb; your sweetness relieves my pain.  My spirit is refreshed as I draw strength from your healing balm, and I am thankful for your mercy and love.  However, I need to confess a problem.


Sometimes I struggle to share your forgiveness with others as you have told me to do.  I tend to hold grudges, Lord. Pains inflicted by others stick into my spirit like wasp stingers.  They’re hard to pull out, even with a good pair of tweezers.  Sometimes I don’t get the whole stinger; it breaks off deep inside and festers into one big sore.  Before I know it, the sore needs more attention and is harder to heal than if I would have pulled it out cleanly.  That’s sin for you. 


You see, Lord, I’m like a child wanting to please, yet five minutes after being corrected from a “no-no”, I’m back to doing it again.  I’m sorry as can be but in the heat of the moment, memory fails me.  “Forgive others.”  Sinning comes on quickly, like an out of the blue moment.  I’m sorry, Lord. 


All is not lost though, Lord.  You have softened my hardened heart, and in time, I begin to see the true way to deal with stingers.  I can feel that truth deep in my soul and the goodness that oozes from it.  “Forgiveness is love.”   I hold on to those moments and they’re lasting a lot longer now.  They come automatically… sometimes.  Other times I have to talk with myself and deliberate which way to go.  Do I lose my cool and lash out at the offender, or do I sense anger building and quickly remove the stinger before it festers?  I’m learning, Lord.  Slowly…but surely. 


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  1. So, so true and so so good!


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