Want a Bite?


©Jeanne E. Webster

Where did sin come from
If God said everything was good?
Was it in the fruit of that Tree
That stood in that dense wood?

Did it come from a magic spiel
That the subtle reptile spoke,
Conning the man and woman
Into believing the lying bloke?

Why did they easily trust
The sly serpentine’s advice?
Why didn’t Adam and Eve
Just eat some plain white rice?

How did the serpent know
Of the Tree and God’s law?
Did it really know enough
To detect this prideful flaw?

And how did God know
Mankind had eaten the fruit?
Did He check them each day
For any stolen loot?

Mankind then hid from Him.
What told them to beware?
Did their vision clear their sight
When they saw that they were bare?

I think this thing called sin
Was a freewill flub-de-dub,
One giant step for mankind
And one perpetual stub!