…and then there was Light


©Jeanne E. Webster


Repeatedly it has been said, “It was the best and worst of times.”  Sagacity and absurdity sang redundant rhymes.  A tale of two cities, contrasting heaven and earth, perhaps one day will give way to a cataclysmic rebirth.


It’s true today as it was then, in the eighteen hundred years.   Light and Darkness administrate while Hope balances Fears.  Industrial sprawl litters homes and clutters one’s workplace; ghastly suicides and boredom slither at a haunting pace.


Ironically, religious avow their creeds, yet God teeters not on His throne.  Strange sexuality lusts happily while AIDS and STDs gnaw bones.  Is human dignity recoverable, and standards of right and wrong?  Have we forgotten who we are and to Whom we truly belong?


Dogmatic agnosticism imprisons, and spirit and mind decay.  Wandering dully, life’s passage echoes, “We’ve forgotten the way!”  Long ago Truth was manifested, bearing witness of a place to stand.   A mystery revealed, heaven reached down, a mighty helping hand.


The true Light shone in the darkness, and the darkness knew it not.  How great that Light!  How great the cost!  Christ’s death our souls has bought!


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  1. Food for the soul….

  2. I like the way you have put the words together for a deeper meaning.

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