Who Inspired You?


©Jeanne E. Webster

What family member has inspired you the most?  Would you like to share that someone special with us?

My maternal grandmother was my inspiration.  She was truly an angel in disguise.  As a small child, I knew I was safe from harm whenever she was near.  My family was dysfunctional and experienced many violent ups and downs brought on by an alcoholic stepfather.  Grandma was the strength my mother lacked and showered me and my siblings with happy displays of affection.  Hugs and kisses were as normal with her as breathing.  I would beam with joy whenever she would let me help her do light housework or iron grandpa’s handkerchiefs.  She was a pretty lady and always smelled so good.    During our annual spring visit, she would plant the prettiest flowers.  Pansies were favorites, along with geraniums and marigolds.  She had tons of lilac bushes, and we shared a secret 4-leaf clover patch.   

Grandma died when I was 16 years old, yet some days I still sense her presence.    I can almost see her heartwarming smile and feel her gentle arms surrounding me with love and comfort.   That was my gramma, the kindest person I’ve ever known.  If I reflect even an ounce of her gracious character, the world is all the better for it.

7 comments on “Who Inspired You?

  1. Dicky says:

    Dear Jeanne,

    What a wonderful writing!


  2. My grandparents lived right up the road from us; they were Grandma & Grandpa not only to my siblings and myself but to all the neighborhood children. They lived out their faith in Jesus. One of her greatest lessons to me was to not “love” the things of the world. I have happy memories of molasses cookies, ice cream and bottled 7-Up. As she aged I braided her yellowing gray hair and snuggled up next to her when she became bedridden. Like you, I lost my Grandma when I was in my mid teens.

  3. LeRoy Dean says:

    “Precious memories, how they linger…” I thought of a warm, carefree summer day when I read this. May your memories linger always.

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