Heavenly Thoughts

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I wonder what life will be like in heaven.    Bemoaning the death of his wife in A Grief Observed, C. S. Lewis proposed his own thoughts on the subject.  Lewis believed that reality never repeats itself, the past is not restored.  Does he infer no family reunions?  This is an interesting book to read slowly.

Scripture holds, as it were, a shroud over this mysterious matter.   Jesus promised homes-living places-much assurance but no solid meat for us to feast upon.  There is the presence of angels, the saints, those who believed in Christ, but what else?   What will the living be doing?  Does life go on in the sense of today’s life?  Will there be jobs, duties, routines?  Time will be no more, so  no night or day.   

Any thoughts?

4 comments on “Heavenly Thoughts

  1. Dicky says:

    Hi Jeanne,

    I believe that we will sing praises to the Lord all the time. Plus, there will be rooms for us. I don’t think we will need to sleep. There could be some kinds of strange-looking animals. There will be no pain, no weeping, no sadness, but only joy.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dicky. Though we do not know many specifics about heaven, we do know it is eternal in the presence of God. Can’t get any better than that!

  2. “Heaven is Real” is the true story of the little boy who went to Heaven for 3 minutes. I believe his version is the real Heaven.

    Very strange thing….the book was left on my sister’s front porch. It felt as if it were left for me. She has not read it as yet. I read the book in one sitting.

    Good food for thought on your post.

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