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 “For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am,  to be content.”  Phil. 4:11

The Princess and the Pea, a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, relates how a prince recognized a true princess. The prospective princess had to endure a night’s sleep on a bed of 20 mattresses and featherbeds, where a pea secretly lay hidden underneath.  If she complained of discomfort all night, she proved she had the sensitivity to discern even minor tenderness, thus possessing princess quality.

What a characteristic to have, especially when dealing with the public.   How about a barometer that could detect a person’s compassionate attributes and use this as a suitability guide for public office, for that matter, many other positions in life:  spouse, minister, doctor, teacher… friend?



When the other person acts that way, he is ugly; when we do it, it is nerves.

When the other person is set in his ways, he is obstinate; when we are, it is just firmness.

When the other person does not like our friend, he is prejudiced; when we do not like his friend, we are simply showing that we have good judgment of character.

When the other person takes time to do things, he is dead slow; when we do, we are deliberate.

When the other person spends a lot, he is a spendthrift; when we do, we are generous.

When the other person picks flaws in things, he is cranky; when we do, we are discriminating.

When the other person is mild in his manners, he is weak; when we are, we are being gracious.

When the other person gets destructive, he is tough; when we do, we are forceful.

(taken from The King’s Highway)


Would we pass the “princess” test?

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    Well defined. Ain’t it the truth!

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