Whatever Happened to Reading?

©Jeanne E. Webster


I read a newspaper article last weekend that stated the U. S. is experiencing one of the lowest literacy rates in the developed world.  Since reading is the most important skill children need to master, where is the oversight committee on this one?  The National Report Card reports that we are in a literacy crisis, with 68% of fourth graders and 69% of eighth graders tested below their grade levels in reading.  Not good.  I wonder if part of the cause is the fact our children are confronted with so many visual contraptions that need only the click of a button on an icon and off they go into Virtual Wonderland. 


 No matter; the article points out ways to improve their proficiency. 

  • Show children that words are made up of individual sounds blending together into words.  Then practice blending these sounds to form words.
  • Teach them all the sounds different letters have.
  • Make reading fun.
  • Cover pictures in reading books to make it easier to focus on the words.
  • Find answers to their questions so students can learn how English works.


For more answers to questions about reading English, visit www.logicofenglish.com.   


(This article has prompted me to get more involved in tutoring illiterate children and/or adults.  Illiteracy is a huge handicap and grows disadvantaged persons.  How about a hand up for these people?)