Package on the Way


Heaven’s Treasury, Inc.

Angel Wings Way

City of Jerusalem




Order date:  May 14, 0000

Order number:  1,0000000000000000+

Purchase order:  PO 7777777

Date:  May 14, 0000

Personal Contact:  Jesus Christ

Contact #:  1


Ship to:  Jeanne Webster 

Attn:  New Believer

Rural Road

Cornfield, Il.   00000

Bill to:  Jesus Christ

Attn.:  God Inc.

Gold City Road



Part #/      Description/     Type/           Quantity

GRACE     God’s unmerited love    Infinite        1

PEACE     Serenity                                “              “

LOVE       Agape love                           “              “

FAITH     Conviction                          “             “

ADOPTION  Accepted as family member        “      “

SALVATION     Redemption from death     “         “

HOPE    Anticipation                          “              “

FORGIVENESS   Pardon of sins        “                       “

JUSTIFICATION     Validation of freed from sins        “          “

TRINITY       Father, Son & Holy Spirit        “         “  

Comments:  Prayer line always open; no need too big or too small.


Welcome to the family of God!

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    You are super creative.

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    Very creative and impressive.

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