Rescue Me


Psalm 34:1-9 Praise to God
copyright Jeanne E Webster


I will exalt the Lord at all times.
My mouth will always honor His name with praise.
My soul shall shout aloud all the wonders of God,
So those who worship shall hear and be glad.

Oh, lift up the name of God with me!
Let us glorify His name together.
I pleaded with the Lord, and He answered me
And rescued me from all my fears.

Worshipers believed in Him and were radiant;
Their faces shall never be ashamed.
A helpless man cried out in prayer, and the Lord heard him,
And protected him from all his cares.

The angel of the Lord encircles those
Who worship Him and keeps them from danger.
Oh, experience the Lord and see that He is good!
The man who searches for His help will never be forsaken.

Oh, stand in awe of the Lord, you His saints,
For He will never forsake those who revere Him.


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  1. Dicky says:

    The Lord is always good as He always watches over us.

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