A Glimpse O’ Heaven


A Glimpse of Heaven

~Bud Rainey



Have you ever watched a baby sleepin’ in his little bed,

With his dolls an’ trinkets scattered all aroun’ his head,

An’ the way he spreads his fingers every time he gives a sigh,

Lookin’ sweeter than an angel, though he doesn’t even try?

If you have, you’ve glimpsed o’ Heaven, an’ you needn’t have a care,

You can’t find a thing that’s sweeter on this earth or anywhere,

For there’s nothin’ quite as pretty as a baby fast asleep,

‘Special when he’s dozin’ soundly, an’ rolled up in a heap.


Have you ever held a baby while he slept within your arms,

An’ then look at him an’ count about a million precious charms;

Then to see him yawn an’ snuggle as he dozes in a nap,

Driftin’ off to Baby Dreamland, cuddled plumply in your lap?

If you have, you know the meanin’ o’ the pretty word called love,

An’ you’ve had a little sample o’ the beauties o’ Above,

For the sweetest thing a’ breathin’ is a baby sleepin’ soun’,

An’ it makes you count your blessin’s an’ the love that you have foun’.


Have you ever hugged a baby while he slept, an’ feared that you

Wouldn’t dare to squeeze him harder for you’d break him plum in-two;

Then to stand an’ watch him turnin’ like a kitten on a rug,

An’ then feel the urge to give him just another little hug?

If you have, you’ve known the feelin’ o’ a King upon a Throne,

An’ you gloat with pride because that sleepy-head is all your own,

For the finest love existin’ is the love you realize,

When the baby is a’sleepin’ an’ a’squintin’ up his eyes.


Have you ever kissed a baby, sleepin’ on a bed so white,

An’ then had the great temptation just to take a little bite;

Then to see him frown an’ wiggle, disarrangin’ all his clothes,

While you kiss him on the temple, cheek, an’ neck, an’ ear, an’ nose?

If you have, you’ve tasted nectar from the Golden Cup on High,

An’ you can’t find nothin’ sweeter, so you needn’t even try,

For the dearest thing a’ livin’ is a baby in a heap,

Tucked-in nice, an’ soft, an’ comfy in the bed, an’ fast asleep!


8 comments on “A Glimpse O’ Heaven

  1. Dicky says:

    What a nice piece of art! As I read, it gave me a picture of our Baby Jesus in the arms of Mary and Joseph.

  2. I do that everyday and it is wonderful and every bit as precious as you say! Great post!

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