Top Ten


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What’s on your “hate to do without” list?  I took inventory today and wrote down my top ten.  We are so spoiled as Americans, aren’t we?  Our lists will probably exhibit just how spoiled we truly are.  Please share a few of your gotta haves with us or all of them if you desire.  It should be a fun exercise.  Naturally God, family, friends, the Bible, and prayers are the tip-top of our choices, so we’ll begin after these.

  • Home
  • Health
  • Food & water
  • Money
  • Automobile
  • Books
  • Computer
  • Newspapers
  • Chocolate
  • Pets

Put on your thinking cap and share please!


3 comments on “Top Ten

  1. My top ones would be the same as already mentioned: Home, Health, Food & Water, Clothing, Pets, Books, Music, Computer, TV (only a select few shows) and yes, Chocolate. And, like Linda said, Money to pay for them.

  2. My list would read, in order of importance; Health, Water, Food, Family, Home, Books, Friends, Automobile, Independence, Money to support the other nine.

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