Praise to God


Psalm 146   


Praise the Lord, oh my soul.

I will praise the Lord and sing praises to him as long as I live.

Don’t rely upon others because they cannot help you.

They live and die like you do.

The God of Jacob is your true hope and happiness.

He made heaven, earth, and the sea and all that is in it, and is trustworthy forever.

He relieves the oppressed, feeds the hungry and releases those who are captive.

He opens the eyes of the blind, relieves the depressed and loves the faithful.

He protects those who are alone, comforts the fatherless and widowed. 

He tears apart the schemes of the wicked.

The Lord is in control forever, even to all generations.

Praise the Lord.


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  1. Dicky says:

    I see God’s love and His protection and provision here in your very nicely written article. Thank you.

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