Grow Up!



©Jeanne E Webster


Micah 6:8 He has shown thee, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of thee?…but to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God.


Do:  act, live, perform

Justly:  honestly, truthfully, morally

Do justly = live honestly and morally


Love:  care for, have heart for, be passionate about

Mercy:  kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, empathy

Love mercy = live with a passionate kindness


Walk:  live, follow, trail, enjoin

Humbly:  lowly, realistic, truly

Walk humbly = live humbly before your Creator, knowing you are but dust and He is the I AM


Trying to follow all three steps every day of your life will be  hard, difficult, trying, a struggle and impossible!

On the other hand, as we fade away physically, we must take on spirituality.  Don’t be disheartened!  The physical body will fail you; God knows that.  Just keep winning more battles than you lose.  Learn…grow…take on spiritual muscle.  The Spirit wins hands down!

It’s an exercise–growing pains, so to speak.  As we shed our physical body with its frailness and carnality, we take on grace, power, and might from almighty God. 

While it is day, let go… grow up!

3 comments on “Grow Up!

  1. Dicky says:

    I feel young again. Thank you.

  2. Never thought about it like this. I’m going to have to share this with my mom. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Charles Spurgeon Morning by Morning for today:

    “In all things grow up into him (Ephesians 4:15 NIV)

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