Privileged or Choice

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Prayer…a great blessing and consumer friendly tool


I was wondering about prayer this morning and decided that would be my blog topic today.  When do you pray?  First thing in the morning?  Noon?  Suppertime?  Evening?  Bedtime?

I believe we pray most often in the morning and at bedtime.  Whichever fits our lifestyle or is most convenient, I’d say.  Right?  We pick and choose when we pray and perhaps take the privilege for granted?  Sometimes?


All things are possible if men but pray,

And if God did but limit to a day

The time in which He’d note the upward glance,

Or fix the place, or name the circumstance,

When, where or why petitions could be brought,

Their presence would at His feet be sought.


But since He heareth prayer at any time,

For anything, in any place, or clime,

Men lightly value heaven’s choicest gift,

And all too seldom do their souls uplift

Pleading at the foot of the Throne of Grace.



Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers each and every time we speak.  May we cling to prayer as a lifeline to heaven—not a “last chance Charlie” apparatus.  Amen.


3 comments on “Privileged or Choice

  1. I tend to offer up little thoughts and ideas during the day; at the moment, if I say ‘right, I’m praying’ it tends to get self conscious and insincere. That said, my prayer life it certainly not what it should be at the moment- I’m a work on progress.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Morning is best, often fervent prayer gets delayed or postponed. Prayer time before bed with my husband marks the close of our day…

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