Thanks For What?

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~Bill Webster



Thanksgiving Day is almost here again and many of us are planning some special activity.  The reunion of families and friends, getting in food supplies for a wonderful meal, setting up reservations for a meal at our special eating place, or taking a ride around the countryside are many ways we celebrate this occasion.

We are blessed with many, many privileges and I believe that on this Thanksgiving Day it would be well for each one of us to take a look at our expressions of thanks for these privileges.

First among things to be thankful for is a thankful spirit.  Some of us seem to take this blessing so much as a matter of course, like Thanksgiving Day is just another day off from work.

If our personal blessings in any manner fail, gratitude for what we have had may still be enjoyed, but sometimes is the last thing we think of.

Another group of us go through the world with a deprecating spirit, hoping things may turn out well, yet fearing for the worst.  I always feel glad for these people when Thanksgiving Day comes.  They then can have an official warrant for gratitude.  If their own hearts are not filled with blessings, they can listen to the sermon or read the Presidential Proclamation.

How different it could be with a thankful heart.  What a gift it is to be born with an outlook toward the bright side of things!  And if not so to nature, what a triumph of grace to be made thankful through a renewed heart!  It is so much more comfortable and rational to see what we have to be thankful for and to rejoice accordingly, than to have our vision forever filled with our lacks and needs.  Happy are they who possess this gift!  Blessings may fail and fortunes wary, but the thankful heart remains.

At least the past is happy and, who knows–Heaven may be ahead.

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[A newspaper article written by my dad many, many years ago.  Just wanted to share with you!]

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  1. I am sure this from your dad means as much to you as what I have from my dad. Thanks for sharing with us, Jeanne. And may we all remember his words, not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.

  2. Dicky says:

    Very nice article from your dad, Jeanne.

  3. Thanks for sharing your Dad’s words.

  4. LeRoy Dean says:

    Heartfelt…thank you.

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