Humble Thanks


Rose bud in the rain

 © Jeanne E Webster


Thank you for the memories,

The joys and wonders of life,

The blessing of divine glories…

What peace abundantly rife!


You birthed me as a baby girl,

Swaddled up in my mother’s arms;

Tenderly kissed my golden curls

As I snuggled in her charms.


Thanks for all my family and friends,

Thanks for pretty flowers and weeds.

Sunshine and rain brought amends

As You sought to establish Your seeds.


Oh God, my sins no longer sting

They’re hung on the cross of Jesus.

He entered into my life to bring

A life so much more prestigious.


Your truth appeased my doubting heart

I was healed by Your living waters.

Eternal life You did truly impart

To my lost spirit and many others.


I peered inside my very soul;

Faithfully, You are present there.

See that loving spirit glow…

A sweet heavenly flare! Amen


[This is a repeat.  Having trouble posting.  Please bear with me.  Thank you!]

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    • I am having lots of trouble here. Can’t read or view my posts while logged in, nor link to mail comments, or most anything now. If I don’t log in, I can at least see and read posts. Strange. I’ve written and gotten support suggestions but nothing helps. I hope I don’t have to quit here and begin somewhere else.

  1. Repeat or not, I like it. I too have been having trouble — posting, commenting, even trying to click the like button. I thought it was my computer … maybe not.

    • I’m having lots of trouble too. Have tried all the support suggestions and nothing works. I didn’t change anything so believe it is wordpress messing up. If you get help, let me know.

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