Long Ago and Far Away

©Jeanne E Webster



Once upon a long ago time

Time when days were dark

Dark was hunkered all around

Around old Jerusalem town

Town was ruled by ole Herod

Herod, nasty king of Judea

Judea held little Bethlehem

Bethlehem birthed a Child

Child was baby, Son of God

God so loved the whole world

World was lost in terrible sin

Sin was finally overcome

Overcome by the shed blood

Blood of Jesus, our Lord

Lord of heaven and earth

Earth saw the shining Light

Light chased the darkness

Darkness ran, driven away

Away it fled from the Son

Son rose up from the dead

Dead souls shall one day rise

Rise up into God’s heaven

Heaven is our eternal home

Home with God and Jesus

Jesus our Savior and King


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  1. Dicky says:

    Jeanne, you are really talented! You summarized the major message of the Gospel in one single article in a special, unique way.

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