I Think I am…I Think I am

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Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”



This might lie unseen to the casual reader, but the writer made an excellent point.  Thoughts affect us–or, what we think, we become.  I know this is true because I have chewed on this bone before.  A daily reading of my “thought” pulse will reveal why I am distraught, sad, happy or glad, just as a check of my wrist pulse will perhaps reveal an abnormal heartbeat. 

One day recently, I sensed I was in an irritable mood but couldn’t think why I was having a problem.  So I set about reviewing the events of the past day and week.  Sure enough, there was the “thorn in my flesh”…rearing its ugly head, poking me for all it was worth.  My husband had unknowingly hurt my feelings!  I had spent an entire day housecleaning and cooking a nice supper, was tired beyond a day’s repair, and he didn’t comment on the delicious meal I had fixed for him. 

Well, even though I was beat…even though I should have left some of the work for another day…even though I grumbled throughout the meal…even though I should have asked for his help…my feelings were crushed that he didn’t say, “What a great meal, Jeanne!” 

That thorn was plucked out immediately and tossed in the trashcan.  Here I had been in a stew, going everywhere with my thoughts of why he didn’t complement the meal, and in all reality, the ambiance that evening was glum, to say the least!  Why would he even want to say a word while seeing the grim look on my face? 

A newspaper column had an article about preventing wrinkles, with the usual remedies of soaps, creams and massages.  The writer certainly was on the right track:

The best way to prevent wrinkles is to think the right thoughts.  Think happy things, pleasant things, line-lifting thoughts; for thoughts are things.

Ugly thoughts, depressing thoughts, a mind with worry thoughts running riot within it will produce worry lines, tired contours, and sad faces.  Wrong thoughts will produce wrinkles!

But pleasant thoughts, keen-eyed anticipation, a happy outlook, a zest for living—all act better than the highest-priced creams to keep the face alive, alert and youthful.  Right thoughts prevent wrinkles!

Each of us should pull out that thought bag frequently and check it for negative ratings—bitterness, jealousy, envy, uncleanliness, and spite have to go.  Look what they’re doing to our faces!  Yikes!


7 comments on “I Think I am…I Think I am

  1. Dicky says:

    Very true Jeanne. Our mood affects the people around us.

    • A sincere statement, Dicky. Sometimes moods get a tight hold on us and it’s hard to release them. Sort of like “stick tights”, the burrs you find in the yard and grasses.


  2. What sincere sharing, Anne. Thank you so much. I seek more of your articles also. Shalom

  3. Loved this post. I can remember days like that. Having no “significant other” or husband, I don’t have those same thorns anymore. I clean and clean and maybe cook something only to sit and stare glumly and wonder why I wasted my time doing all this. “Should oughta” been out doing something fun with my time or writing or reading, etc.

    Thanks for the reminder…although it is to late for my wrinkles have taken their place on my face. Genetics had a lot to do with mine….or so I like to tell myself!

    • You are a kindred spirit, Linda. Love hearing from you. My face has had almost 70 years to grow the wrinkles, so we have arrived also! It’s almost like drying up and knowing you will be as dust in the wind soon! 🙂

  4. Loved this one Jeanne! One of my biggest depression triggers is disappointment. Those we love disappoint us. I must as young people say, Get Over It!

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