Do You Dare?

Marie L. Hollibaugh has written some powerful and difficult “dares” in her article:  I Dare You to Love

I dare you to love the unloveable
The prostitutes and addicts who walk the streets
Looking for their next trick or their next fix
The pedophile who hunts children
The rapist, the thief
The deviants who are society’s rejects

I dare you to reach out and touch the untouchable…. cont.

A pause for reflection for Christians everywhere.  Thanks, Marie!


3 comments on “Do You Dare?

  1. Debbie says:

    Jeanne – a number of years ago, I bent until I broke. The good thing about being broken is that you quit saying or thinking “I would never do that…” While I don’t happen to fit into the particular sin categories Marie listed, I do fit in God’s sin category and He doesn’t seem to have a hierarchy of sin. He doesn’t like any of it and He does love me all the time in spite of it, because of the grace of the cross.
    Thank you for the encouragement to put animate the word love.

    • Life is like that, isn’t it?! I hear you about being broken. But for that, we would be the same unchanged person. I praise the Lord for the hard times, for it was then that I listened harder for his voice. Shalom

  2. Thanks for your input here, Anne. Marie has some good thoughts here to prod us into further growth in our walk with Christ. I will check out your links! Shalom

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