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The airways spit out ads for Black Friday shopping, layaway shopping for Christmas toys, jewelry shopping and perfume shopping.  We must have this, we can’t miss that.   Shop, shop, shop til you drop.  Buy now, spend, spend, spend before it’s too late.  The merchants are offering  their Christmas sales earlier than last year, some even opening at midnight on Thanksgiving Day to entice shoppers ahead of the competition’s hours.  It’s a mad rush out there, folks!  Only 31 more days to Christmas.  Thanksgiving Day is sort of the John the Baptist of Christmas.  It heralds the advent of the birth of our Lord and Savior.

I think I will focus on the quietest major holiday our country celebrates, Thanksgiving Day.  No mad rushes– no hustle and bustle– and no nonsense.  I’ll shop for my turkey, sweet potatoes, salads, vegetables, and rolls then calmly drive home at a leisurely pace.  Family will get together, lots of hugs to go around, sometimes a smirky hello or two but overall, a lovely time will be had by all. 

The greatest part of Thanksgiving Day is the thanksgiving part!  Who gets all the credit?  Who do we laud over all—our heavenly Father.  We don’t need a special day to give thanks.  Each and every day we can and should have an attitude of gratitude to almighty God.  Thanks for all our provisions, our strength, our hopes, our dreams, our lives…and all that we hope to be.  Most of all, thanks for our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.   Thank you, Father.  We love You.  Amen!


10 comments on “Thanks

  1. A Happy Thanksgiving to all and a round of applause to our faithful provider!
    (Genesis 22:14)

  2. Nice post! One to remember!

  3. LeRoy Dean says:

    A post that all should read and heed. Thanks, Jeanne.

  4. Dicky says:

    Very true Jeanne. I prefer a quiet Thanksgiving Day with family and give thanks to the Lord. And we should thank Him every day as well.

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