Only Believe


“.   .   .   also sat at Jesus’s feet and heard His word.”  (Luke 10:39)


“I paint,” cried Raphael.

“I build,“ was the boast of Michaelangelo.

“I rule,” cried Caesar.

“I sing,” cried Homer.

“I conquer,” cried Alexander.


“I seek and save,” cried Jesus Christ.


Raphael could paint you beautiful paintings of the life of Christ   .   .   .

but could not save your soul.

Michaelangelo could sculpt you a model of Christ, paint you an exquisite image of Christ, or construct you a building to house all these   .   .   .

but could not save your soul.

Caesar could rule the entire world for you   .   .   .

but could not save your soul.

Homer could lull you to sleep every night of your life   .   .   .

but could not save your soul.

Alexander could conquer all your enemies   .   .   .

but could not save your soul.


Jesus Christ says, “If you would believe on Me, you will see the glory of God.” 


© 2011 Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved

My friends, the world will tell you that seeing is believing.  Christ tells us that believing is seeing.  Believe on Christ and you will see the glory of the Lord.  You shall have eternal life in heaven with the entire family of God.

This Christmas open your heart to the greatest gift ever   .   .   .

receive eternity fully loaded with all the bells and whistles   .   .   .

the glories of almighty God.

Only believe!


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  2. Great Post. The greatest gift one can receive is Christ this holiday season. Thanks for the most important reminder.

  3. Dicky says:

    Very true, very true.

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