Did You?

©Jeanne E Webster

Have you turned 65?  How often do we hear that question blaring from television commercials?  What does it mean, turn 65?  How does one do that?

I checked on the word “turn” in the dictionary and it lists many meanings:  twist-revolve-rotate-spin-roll-twirl-gyrate-circle-curdle-sour-spoil-curve-bend-veer-meander-direct-aim-point-focus-set-concentrate-change-go-alter-convert-transform.

Now we are stuck with a conundrum.  Which verb is most appropriate for the term turn 65?  How about twist 65?  No.  I might hurt myself with that verb.  How about revolve, rotate, spin or gyrate?  Those make me dizzy just thinking about it.  Definitely, no.  Well, how about curdle, sour, or spoil?  I’m getting close now.  I’m sure we have curdled 65 or soured trying.  But I’m not ready to spoil.  Curve, bend, meander?  Appropriate.  We could do that easily when we’re 65.  Just a senior moment though; nothing that lasts long.  Change, go, alter, transform?  Aha, almost there.  We can change to 65, transform to 65.  Sure.  Why not.

Some more possibilities:  Jumped to 65?  Snuck up to 65?  Crawled to 65?  Grew to 65?  Advanced to 65?  Surged to 65?  Proceeded to 65?  Evolved to 65?  Progressed to 65?  Increased to 65?  Spread to 65?  Increased to 65?  Expanded to 65?  What do you think sounds best?

My ego and age like advanced best, I think.  Evolved is definitely out, as I am not a dinosaur by any means.  Grew is out, as actually I’m shrinking.  Surged?  No, no more surging says the doctor.  Progressed is out the window.  My body has never heard the word.  Spread is reality at its best but my pride forbids me to say yes. 

I think I’ll stay with advanced.  It’s proper, comfortable, shows I’m still active, and has a little shine to it. 

Have you advanced to 65?  Or did you turn, sneak, jump, spread, progress or.   .   .   .?

14 comments on “Did You?

  1. Not there yet, after tomorrow (Jan. 2), I will still have 12 more years to go. Going by the numbers, I have 4 more hours of having 13 to go. 🙂

  2. Debbie says:

    I’m still surging and spreading at 55… hope to ease off the pedal on both by 65! 😉 Fun post, Jeanne!

  3. Sixty-five usually will sneak up in your sleep…75 is rearing its head in my direction peering down the road to see if I’m going to make it. So I think I will just evolve over this next year and become 75 without much ado.

  4. LeRoy Dean says:

    65…let’s see…that was about five years ago.Being 17 at heart works well as long as my body knows the difference. 🙂

  5. camary1996 says:

    A few more years and I’ll be there…I’ll have to dig up this post. I’m struggling with 59 right now.

  6. Brush Arbors says:

    I’m with you; advanced, Only + … Blessing’s… Bro .. Pat..

  7. isaiah43123 says:

    Oh, I am not there yet but you have made me chuckle about the journey. Have a great day!

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