Hello to New Friends and Bloggers

A reblog to get acquainted with my new blogging friends.


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“My name is Jeanne Webster,

Web…eb…ster, Web…eb…ster,

My name is Jeanne Webster…

Who are you?”

I remember singing this song in first grade.   As a way of getting to know each other, we’d go around the classroom and when it got to you, you’d sing this, using your name in place of the last student.  It’s a good way to introduce yourself.

Read the “About Me” page and you will see who I am.

Sooo…who are you?

13 comments on “Hello to New Friends and Bloggers

  1. 2b14u says:

    Hello Jeanne!
    I am new to all of this and have only nine posts so far, but one thing I have enjoyed (and did not realize would happen) is getting to know other bloggers. That was an unexpected bonus. Thanks for all your info. So, here goes all of my “I’s”

    I have lived in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. The south is the place for me! I have known mountains, green hills, and white beaches. As a child living in the country, my imagination was my best friend. I rode a bike, that was a race car. I shot a BB gun, that was a machine gun. (Sorry to the AVON lady I shot. It turned out she was not a Communist.) I sang along with my records holding knitting needles as microphones! Yes – I love and still liove my imagination.

    I grew up in the 70’s. I am the mother of two young men. I teach history when a job provides the opportunity.

    I have been a Southern Baptist all my life. Attending five different Baptist churches in five different cities has allowed me to see that they are all so very different in how they respond to church matters, while their doctrines have all been the same. At my present church, some clap and raise their hands while others are quiet worshippers and no one judges the others spirituality. I love it!!

    My blogs tend to reflect the hard things I have faced on this earth, while sharing how God broke through. He is amazing and can be compared with nothing. He is who He is…God. And what can I say about His Son? Praise be to the Lamb, who with His blood He purchased men for God!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share and read the other comments.

    • Hello 2b14u! What an interesting exposure! Mighty glad to meet you! Yes, the South is the greatest…next to New England. 🙂

      I sense a great spirit of humor in your bio. Love it! Keeps the world going round and round. We so appreciate your stopping by and please come again and join in on the friendships. Blessings for sure in your endeavors for the Lord.


  2. ddkaarre says:

    Hi…love your comment about Christianity being a way of life and NOT a religion….I too am there with the thought of a relationship with Jesus being far more important than what church we belong to. I have been “‘Lutheran” all my life until recently when we moved and we were blessed to serve in a small non denominational community church way up in the middle of nowhere in the far northwest corner of Montana. My husband has been a pastor for a bit over 30 years. He writes a story each day that I post on our blog. I love working the techy side of the ministry. We run an outdoor retreat ministry here in the mountains of Montana and love it. We have five children, two girls married with awesome husbands, one son engaged to me married in June with an awesome soon to be new daughter in law, a daughter in her last year of college and an eleven year old daughter who was our way of learning the humor of God who always knows way better than we what we truly need! I love learning the blogging scene. So many people out there doing God’s work. Is awesome to see. Thanks for all your posts…enjoy them greatly.

    • Wonderful! It is a blessing to peer into the lives of my friends and bloggers here. Even if momentarily. Thank you for “appearing!”

      Yes, your blogs are touching and stand out with the life of Christ. You are so right, so many witnesses for Christ shining on the hilltops.

      Keep in touch and prayers for your ministries out there in the northwest. 🙂

  3. seashoremary says:

    Hi Jeanne!

    I’m most appreciative to read so many interesting people’s comments on your site.

    My bio: Single, hard working, large family–6 siblings, 6 pets, loves the Lord Jesus Christ; retired from State of Texas with 32 years of state service (Citizen’s Inquiry Representative, Child Support Investigator, Enforcement Monitor, Paternity Establishment Officer, countless courtroom hours, etc etc etc).

    After retirement, I delved into the Word and I’m still researching His Word! I’ve always known I would write; however, I didn’t know what it was that I was supposed to write! Once retired, I went to the Lord and pointed out that I was bored. He told me to write! OK. I admitted to Him, “Oh Lord, I don’t know how to write stories.” He is so kind, He pointed out to me very quietly, with conviction, “Mary, you’ve written thousands and thousands of investigative reports–you can write.” I was totally caught off guard. I’d never seen myself as a “writer!”

    One year ago, January, I gathered my courage, prayed and was led to blog. I was (and continue to be) involved with an internet marketing course that teaches blogging, creating and developing websites, ecommerce and also am now well versed on self-publishing ebooks, which will eventually lead to print on demand paper books.

    I write and publish articles once a week–all christian based teachings that the Lord drops into my spirit and I’m totally enjoying it and quite challenged.

    Sorry, I get carried away because it’s been a fun journey and I’m still learning. I’ve developed an attitude that I’ll never stop learning and I’m meeting people from around the world as a bonus!

    Thank you and blessings,


  4. This is so awesome! My name is Martha Shaw. I am originally from MA, the North Shore area and have been an almost lifelong Episcopalian/Anglican but am excited to be a child of the King of Kings, take that blessing of a personal relationship with Christ very seriously and most often refer to myself as a Christian.

    I moved to SC 4 years ago and have been seeking employment ever since, so with no income and living in a new part of the country, I’m trusting in the Lord in ways I never have before. I’ve always written, though much of the time for my own use, for church, for work, etc., and in this time of being without paid employment the Lord has awakened my heart to a dream I had from the time I was 4 years old – to write for a living. My writing includes poetry and prose and occasionally children’s fiction. I am not yet in paying markets since Christian publishers persist in telling me they prefer to read manuscripts from well known writers only, and so like St Paul I seek a job as a tent maker in order to continue this work of writing which blesses me greatly.

    Speaking of tent making, I am also a quilter, needlework designer, and have dabbled in many forms of visual art. At present I am designing a collection of Christian themed quilt wall hangings and am writing two books, in addition to seeking a “tent maker” position to keep the roof over my head.

    I will soon be seeking an agent for my books and also looking for publishing houses which consider unagented work by “new” authors. My hope is to illustrate one of my books with photographs of the Christian themed quilts.

    I could go on and on but you are likely asleep now and so I will just say ‘good night” and God bless, and I do hope others take you up on this lovely invitation!

  5. Hi Jeannie,
    Thanks for reblogging this. I am glad to know more about you. Someday I may do introduce myself this way. Clean and simple.
    Have a good Saturday night!

  6. Hello, Jeanne. My name is Drusilla Mott. I was named after a dear friend of my grandmother’s – not after the wicked step-sister in Cinderella. 🙂

    I have lived all of my life in central New York, I have four older brothers and a younger sister. I am married, have one son, three step-sons, one step-daughter, five grandchildren with another due any time now.

    I have never been anything but a fundamental Baptist, member of one church since I was baptized many years ago. It is my “home away from home”.

    Most importantly, I am a child of the King and I love Him with all my heart and soul.

    I have enjoyed getting to know you and all of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ through your blog and through theirs; and I thank God daily for each one of you.

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