mem or a b i lia

Just a thought…

 I read a newspaper article about a celebrity who died recently; an auction house was selling off his memorabilia.   The word memorabilia caught my interest.  What memorabilia did this celebrity own:  souvenirs from foreign countries, mementos of movies he starred in, or relics from past relationships?  My imagination had a flashback slide show of possibilities.  

It was not long before the thread carried over to my own mementos.  What fluff and necessities surround my persona to add spice to my life?   Memorabilia personify our lives; they scream uniqueness. A leather jacket we bought with our first paycheck, a candle from our 50th birthday cake, a favorite writing pen, a torn theater ticket… each hold special meaning to us.  They are the original time machine, returning us to moments when the world coddled us in a special way.   I find them to be those little blurs in life that shadow us as we go through life.  They stop by our memories like old friends, repine a moment or two, then let go till next time.  

A special keepsake of mine is a handwritten letter from my grandmother.  When I clutch it, I transfer back to my youthful days, helping Gramma iron handkerchiefs, exploring the back yard for 4-leaf clovers, or sipping a small glass of coca cola she has poured for me.    Her handwriting leaps off the envelope right to my heart, warming my spirit with her angelic presence.    Memorabilia… what a fine word. 

©Jeanne E Webster

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  1. Naphtali says:

    I have nominated you for the Genuine Blogger Award! Please get it at my link:

  2. I have a nice keepsake from my 6th grade teacher. I was always a smart but rowdy kid. One day my teacher said if I got an A this week on my test, she would take me to mc donalds to lunch. I did get the A and I got it with ease. When it came time for lunch that Friday, she did not show up. I got called to the principals office and was told Ms Ligori had died. She had cancer and nobody knew it. Then he handed me an envelope. In it was a note saying sorry she could not make it but have lunch on here and there was a $5 bill. I still have the note and that same $5 bill to this day. And know what else, I graduated from high school with highest honors and then went on to college and earned a bachelors degree and the lowest grade I ever had was a B and very few of those at that.

    Great post Jeanne

  3. Good News Devotions says:

    Now; I really like this… Blessings.. Bro Pat.

  4. Heart warming as well as bringing back memories of things I treasure.

  5. Dicky says:

    Nice and heart-warming.

  6. April says:

    One of my precious keepsakes is an antique vase my great aunt gave me when I got married. It was given to her when she married. Inside the vase is the letter she wrote to me when she gave this special piece to me.
    Beautiful post.

  7. Most of my special keepsakes are from family also – birthday and Christmas cards signed simply “Gramma O”; things that were my dad’s, and cards & notes from my mom over the years. They all bring wonderful memories. Thanks for making me remember. 🙂

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