Kneelers for the Needy

©Jeanne E Webster




Someone, help me please!

I’m in need of prayers.

I’m on bended knees

And pulling out my hairs.

Somewhere out there someone is dying, yet not ready to meet his or her maker.  Somewhere out there someone is crying, weighed down with one too many burdens.  A child hides in shame and fear from a molester; an adult fears his job is lost.  A wife faces another day with an abusive husband and four kids to raise; a husband stares at the empty wedding band lying on the dresser.  A teenager wrestles with anger over being bullied at school; a college graduate sees no meaning in his “piece of paper.”

 Young or old, healthy or sick, male or female, employed or out of work, married or single, EVERYONE is in need of prayer support sometime in their lives.  There is a time when words do not come forth from the mouth, the heart tightens up like a fist, when tears well up and dry out, and the spirit lies spent and crushed.

 People need people when hope is gone or on vacation.  Who wants to go it alone?  Many feel too ashamed, too tired, too weak or too helpless.  Our Lord even said it is good to gather in twos or threes.  He knew there is strength and power in numbers.  My heart goes out to those in need of prayer, from family members who keep asking me “why,” to total strangers confessing the direst needs. 

There’s something sacred and mystical about that plea, “Would you pray for me?”  It goes beyond words or thoughts; it’s purely the spirit speaking a guttural tongue.  Whom else to help than the Creator who made it?  It is directed at the Creator, its Papa.  I would imagine Papa is the first object we see when we’re fresh off the press.  And it’s Papa to whom we flee in times of need.

So when you have the privilege to pray for someone, report for duty, please.  Someday, somewhere out there, you will be the one asking that question and giving someone the privilege to carry you to that altar of grace. 

“What a privilege it is to carry everything to God in prayer!”

11 comments on “Kneelers for the Needy

  1. Praise to the Lord for His tender mercies and forgiveness of my sins. Amen

  2. camary1996 says:

    I know just what you are saying are saying and that has been on my heart too. I love what you say here:

    “So when you have the privilege to pray for someone, report for duty, please.”

    I pray all Christians are “on duty” at all times!

    There was a lot of lives lost this week ( school shooting, tornado etc)…did some miss the oportunity to hear the gospel?

    Thanks for sharing this today…It’s God’s heart and command to share the good news. Someone did it for us.

  3. Reblogged this on Sweet Promises and commented:
    Standing in the gap is a precious job we are all given as followers of Jesus Christ. I hope you enjoy Jeanne’s post as much as I did. I once stood for those in need and have found myself at the mercy of my brothers and sisters of late, to stand for me. Prayer is a powerful communication tool from our Heavenly Father and in His time, and will, all things come to pass.

  4. One of your finest posts Jeanne! We have PROVEN that God answers prayer! Whether anyone realizes it or not, prayer is very powerful. I have seen it HEAL when there was no hope. I will pray for anyone who brings me a need to pray for.

  5. Pam Ford Davis says:

    Yes, we need to pray and we needs the prayer support of others.

    Loved the phase, “Spirit speaking guttural tongue.” WOW!

  6. Spoken/Written very well with great empathy.

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