My Girls

What’s up?

Besides writing, I’ve been working on my cloth dolls and cat pincushions.  Here’s a photo of some of them:

Jeanne's doll factory

What have you been up to today, besides writing?  How about a peek for all your blogging friends?!


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  1. The dolls are so cute as is the cat. What a marvelous thing to do with your spare time.

  2. Hi Jeanne. I feel like I have been lost somewhere along the way.

    I haven’t been home long enough to do much of anything but publish some already written posts. I can’t believe I got the “how-to” post up Saturday – I was prepared to skip it altogether.

    We have spent days trying to get my husband’s military pension straightened out. Went to Syracuse twice for ID cards because they messed up the first ones. Twice to the doctor for his knee. Once for his comp hearing for his knee. Once to get him enrolled at the VA hospital and set up appointments for a new doctor. We have three more appointments coming up in the next two weeks for his knee and VA appointments. It is 30-45 minutes one way, depending on what part of Syracuse we have to get to, so each trip takes at least half the day.

    I tried getting on here a couple times and someone always ended up needing me for something so I had to quit, then my computer started locking up. This is the first time I have had since almost a week ago to check on all the blogs I follow. I have over 700 emails waiting for me. I am going to start with the most recent and work backwards as I have the time.

    Love your girls. 🙂

  3. Yes, you are surely creative with the power points and cards! Awesome! Blessings!

    • My girls are not for sale, Anne. I am making them for missionaries from our church to take with them when they go to central America next time. They will give them to the young girls down there. Sorry, I only meant to show you what I do besides write! 🙂 The cats are just for fun. You need a pin cushion?

  4. I’ve been taking care of Wendy and working out, getting in shape for spring. I plan to put in a vegetable garden this year. I also changed the fluids in my tractor, put new blades on it and got it ready to go. I am hoping to make some extra money this spring and summer cutting grass too.

  5. How delightfully sweet! I love them all and appreciate a crafter, gardener and birder! We are alike in so many ways.

  6. Good News Devotions says:

    Well I didn’t do much today myself, But I enjoy’d my visit seeing all the things that you made… Good Job!.. Blessings Bro Pat.

  7. Susan Michaels says:

    OMG! Awesome fun! LOVE the cat…and the girls are toooo cute! 🙂

  8. It’s too early in the day here in Australia for me to have been up to much at all besides writing. Oh, I have gone for a walk up to my vegetable garden for some fresh tomatoes for my breakfast. And I stopped to watch a wedge-tail eagle soaring above me in the cloudless sky. Baking for me today, gardening, and some more writing. Have a wonderful weekend! xx

    • I only dream of tomatoes right now, but will be digging in the garden before long. I’m a birder too; have resident red-tail hawk in the area, buzzards, and crows. Naturally the blackbirds! (See my post on that) A peaceful weekend over-down there! 🙂

  9. Dicky says:

    Jeanne, give me the cat. Okay?

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