A Cat in a Hat


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

 ©Jeanne E Webster

The age-old question has been bandied about lately and got me to wondering.  I chewed on this for a while and came up with a few possibilities.

1.  A preacher

2.  Professional writer of inspirational topics for women

3.  A chef

4.  An astronomer

The thought process sifted through the diversified hats above and came out like so:

A preacher—not likely; have little public speaking experience, little counseling exposure, not sufficient learning in preacher hood.   Probably a definite no.



A professional writer of topics to inspire women—strong possibility here.  I am older but can still think and write, have had much experience writing and exposure to some dynamics of becoming a successful writer, love to write, inner need to minister to women, comfortable with presenting the gospel to women of all ages.  This hat is pretty close to what I would want to wear when I grow up.




A chef—I love to cook!  I like to feel food, eat food, look at food, experiment with food, food is cool!  I would make a good chef if I were younger.  No longer have the stamina for schooling and training in the fine art of classical cooking.  Most likely a no. 



An astronomer—I would have loved to enter college and study for the wonder-filled topic of astronomy.  Space intrigues me, draws me like a magnet, spins my thinking cap around and around, always points me toward home to heaven, but is too little too late for grasping the dynamics of this detailed topic.  A definite no but only because I am too old and college is too expensive.

So sifting through the above choices, it appears being a professional writer is what I want to be when I grow up.  Sounds good.  Maybe I’ll get there in a few years.

How about you?  When you grow up, what do you want to be?  I’d really like to know.  Really.  So give it some thought and share with us here or write me solo on my email.  Shalom.

8 comments on “A Cat in a Hat

  1. Wow! This is fun and a bit scary…Here goes:
    I want to be a teacher, a writer, a musician/worship leader (guitar…just started taking lessons from my dad. yes, wish i’d done it years ago, but better late than never). That’s all I can come up with right now 🙂
    Loved hearing yours. From what I have seen thus far, the writing hat fits perfectly 🙂 You have a wonderful way with words, and your love for women is obvious. Bless you, Jeanne! Who knows what kind of hat God might hand you to try on next…

  2. Susan Michaels says:

    had to smile…. 🙂 I just asked this very question to school kids at a school career day during a career opportunities presentation I was giving. And I realized…hey! I’m still not sure I know what I really want to be when I grow up, My personal list of ‘what to be’ has always looked a bit of a hodge podge: Farmer, Naturalist, Motivational speaker, Actor, Gardener, Landscaper, Advertising Exec., Writer, Poet, Preacher. Funny thing is, I’ve managed to fit in a little of each of these here and there!! Amazing! We can plan and do our best to follow our dreams, but it’s important to be flexible and realize that life is always full of surprises and that our options are always open! 🙂 Great article, Jeanne!

  3. You are never to old to go to college and it is not to expensive because there are student loans.
    I went back to college at age 67 and graduated with a Ph.D. at age 69 writing my dissertation in 2 years.
    If I can, you can.
    Since 2007, I have learned about space…Team FREDNET is owned by my son an I…I knew nothing at the beginning and now know enough to be dangerous 🙂
    You can be whatever you choose to be; the choice is yours and if God is willing, it is done.

    • ddkaarre says:

      I agree with purpleborough….never too old or too expensive to go to college. There is always a way…

      I’m not sure I will ever grow up…have done alot of things I love doing…being mom…teacher, chef, wife, administrator, nanny, etc. It’s all wonderful and so so many things to do yet in life…I can’t ever settle on one thing…as soon as I do then I want to do something else…life is so cool and so many options. As long as I love God, others and then myself, in that order, anything I do will be exciting…whether I ever grow up or not!!

    • Linda, you inspire me! Isn’t space awesome? I love to get into dimensions too. What thoughts are invoked!

      Yes, I can be whatever… At this moment in time, I am where I should be. Amen

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