Overly Stimulated and Desensitized

©Jeanne E Webster

Paul’s letter to the Galatians 6: 7-8:

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked.  For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.  For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption.  But he that sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”


Listen!  See! 

I firmly believe we have way too much time on our hands.  Our cups runneth over with cell phone conversations, texting, computer chatting and e-mail, blogs, television programs, video gaming, radio selections, movies, not to mention abuse of sex, drugs, tobacco, alcohol and food.   Frankly, we are an overly-stimulated desensitized society. 

We scurry here and there, text intermittingly, sate our e-mail fetishes, squirt off a blog or two, take in our “fav” TV shows, battle the hand-held game toy monsters, drool over revealing bodies smacked into our views, stimulate our sexual appetites, “suck-drag-snort-shoot-up” drugs, gurgle down the booze and feed our faces.  No wonder we function poorly at work, lose contact with families, grow fatter, feel yucky and sleep badly, and slowly lose our sense of direction. 

When we had a problem, our parents used to tell us, “Put on your thinking cap.”  Are we thinking anymore?  I think we misplaced those caps somewhere.  Do we have a problem?  Yes, many! 

Help us, Lord!  We’ve fallen physically and spiritually…and we can’t get up without your strength and guidance.  Amen

26 comments on “Overly Stimulated and Desensitized

  1. Very appropriate for today’s society. I do not have cable T.V. and only watch a couple of shows…the news, Jeopardy (helps the brain) and I must confess a couple of “trash” shows. I have cut waaaaaay back on the computer/internet. I am spending more time reading, in depth, the blogs I follow and listening to others rather than writing to much about my life.
    We make choices in how we spend the time allotted to us for this earthly visits; I have not always chosen wisely, however, I have chosen to choose differently and wiser….found that thinking cap in the back of my closet!

  2. Yes, Lord! Have mercy on us. Forgive us for our sins. Turn and heal us. Come down! Come quickly! We need you desperately. We are waiting for you. We are longing for your healing, for your life-giving rebuke, your loving discipline. Let your will be done. Make your future for each of us come to fruition in every way. Our hope is in you! In Jesus’ name – Amen.

  3. Danielle Street says:

    Wow! Powerful words, Jeanne. Sadly, many of these things the world has to offer has taken us away from developing a deeper relationship with God and genuine relationships with people.

  4. ddkaarre says:

    Desensitized is for sure the truth…BUT it’s cool we can choose to do something about it…by using our thinking caps instead! Setting limits on amount of time on internet…for OURSELVES as well as children…getting rid of TV…we haven’t had TV in years…monitoring what your children (and ourselves) are reading and listening to. Those are choices we have made. As well we try to always talk about issues we feel do not fit God’s idea of thinking on all things lovely, etc. I’m not saying this works for everyone…each person needs to do what works for them as they serve and grow and love the Lord. It works for us as a way to stay sensitive to the beauty and love that God wishes us to focus on! Thanks for a great reminder!

    • Great comment! Nice S.O.P. Don’t understand this: As well we try to always talk about issues we feel do not fit God’s idea of thinking on all things lovely, etc.. Please expound. Thanks 🙂

      • ddkaarre says:

        Yeah…that was not worded very well…what I was trying to say is that as a family we discuss and talk about all the issues we see and hear or come in contact with that do not help us live out the verse about ‘if there is anything lovely, or beautiful, truthful…etc…think on THESE things’…we feel this is a way to help stay sensitive to God’s way. Did that help…or only confuse more?!

      • That Is true. Lovely, truthful things always center us on God, midst the turbulence. Shalom

  5. isaiah43123 says:

    Does anyone remember the uproar over Jane Russell commercials? Now, we have Victoria Secret!
    Keep the Faith!

  6. Debbie says:

    I was just listening to a report about teens posting compromising photos of their ex’s on FB. First, it’s sad that there are those particular photos to post and add to that the deliberate cyber humiliation/bullying.
    We, in the world of much, seem to crave so much more.
    Nice post, Jeanne.
    Thank you,

  7. Great post and thoughts. Came to you via Bro Pat. God bless. Darryl.

  8. Desensitized is putting it mildly. Just one small item: The things they show on TV and the Internet these days is mind boggling. I can remember when the sight of blood was upsetting to most folks; now, we are shown mutilated bodies, corpses cut wide open on the autopsy table, and no one bats an eye. I’m sorry, but this is probably not a good thing.
    Good post, Bro Pat!

    • You are so right on!! Thank you for sharing and visiting. The shows are offensive to many but they don’t want anyone to know. They want to fit in, so they watch and stare.


  9. Good News says:

    Hope you don’t mind I Re blogged…. Powerful post but very right … Blessings.. Bro pat.

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  11. April says:

    AMEN!! Shared this with my Facebook friends and tweeted it, too!

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